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The Navarra Portal is aimed at becoming a useful communication channel, accessible to everyone.

Therefore, the website’s design and programming follow simple criteria so that all users, regardless of any disability they may have, can access the information and services provided in an easy and unlimited way.

This kind of design will increase website usability, thus extending its benefits to all users.

While new contents are added that comply with usability and accessibility criteria, existing contents are reviewed and improved. As a result, users might find different levels of accessibility and usability throughout this website.

Meeting Standards

This website’s design and programming comply with the Web Accessibility Initiative guidelines (WAI, www.w3.org/wai  which are recognised as international standards for making website contents accessible to everyone.

Improving Usability and Accessibility

Below you will find some of the website accessibility techniques used:

Elastic Design

This website’s layout has been modified so that users can adapt the size of the text and of the website as a whole. If you want to increase or decrease size do the following:


Most of the links whose text does not fully describe the destination have title attributes and a brief explanation.

When possible, links are written so as to make sense when read out of context. Some browsers (JAWS, Home Page Reader, Lynx, and Opera) enable users to draw the list of links out and navigate directly from the list. Taking this into account, links have not been duplicated. If they are duplicated, they can be used to access the same contents.

Javascript pseudo-links are not used. All links can be followed with any browser even if Javascript is disabled.


If you have any difficulties accessing or visualising the information included in this portal, or if you consider accessibility could be improved in some way, please submit your suggestions to our opinion mailbox.

Last update: 15/06/2011.

Government of Navarre

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