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Legal notice

Updated 1 February 2017

The Government of Navarra, seated in Avenida de San Ignacio, 1, 31001 Pamplona, Spain, 
TIN S-3100001C, is the owner of the Internet second-level domain navarra.es.

1.- Legal notice on the re-use of information

Law 37/2007, of November 16, on the Re-Use of Public Sector Information, incorporating Directive 2003/98/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, regulates the re-use of the public sector information held by the Government agencies and bodies, i.e. the right of all potential stakeholders to re-use the information in the public sector. In compliance with this law, the Government allows the information to be reproduced, distributed and communicated, or even transformed into other works as long as it complies with the licence or notice in the work being re-used.

In order to be entitled to re-use information, stakeholders must meet the following requirements:

The relevant body or department must be contacted, and the name of the author or copyright holder must appear: Government of Navarra [Name of department, independent body or government agency].

For the organisation chart of the Government of Navarra, click this link: [http://www.navarra.es/home_es/Gobierno+de+Navarra/Organigrama/Los+departamentos/]

Likewise, the re-use of public sector information can be restricted for the protection of prevailing rights, such as the rights to personal data protection, privacy or third parties’ intellectual property rights. The re-use of works protected by rights can be made through open-source licences like Creative Commons, transferring some of the rights to use works. For the contents to which such licences apply, the terms of re-use shall be those established in the licence.

On the other hand, the unauthorised use of logos, trademarks, banners and symbols of the Community of Navarra in publications or sites that are not sponsored by this Institution is strictly forbidden. These corporate image elements belong to the Government of Navarra and are protected by the applicable laws in force.

2.- Privacy: Data protection policy at navarra.es

The Government of Navarra guarantees that all the personal information entered on the pages of this website shall be treated confidentially, in accordance with Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on Personal Data Protection (LOPD), taking all the necessary security measures for each type of information in compliance with Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21 December, regulating the enforcement of LOPD.

You are only asked to enter the information that is necessary and relevant to the purpose why it is being entered. This information will be handled automatically.

Every page containing forms which you must fill in with personal information shall inform of the existence of a database or a personal information handling process, of the reason why such information is required, of the people the information is addressed to, of possible data transfers, of the name and address of the database owner, and of the possibility and ways to exercise your right to access, change, cancel or oppose your personal data.

In case you find a form requiring personal information where such rights or the way to exercise them are not mentioned, please inform the Dirección General de Informática, Telecomunicaciones e Innovación Pública - Informatika, Telekomunikazio eta Berrikuntza Publikoaren Zuzendaritza Nagusia at Calle Cabárceno Kalea, 6, 31621, Valle de Egüés - Eguesibar. The Directorate shall report the problem with the relevant unit for them to solve it in reply to your request.

If you want to exercise your right to access, change, cancel or oppose your personal data (including images and voice records) appearing on information pages rather than forms in the portals of the Government of Navarra, please contact the department or body in charge of the site in question.

Cookies are used for statistical purposes only, providing relevant information for the website manager to improve the service offered to citizens.

Government of Navarre

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