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1979-1983: Elections by districts or merindades

The first appointment with the ballot boxes took place on 3 April 1979, with an electoral roll of 365,080 voters in Navarre. 70 members of parliament were elected. Each historical district, or merindad, constituted an electoral constituency (with the exception of Pamplona, which was divided into two districts), electing a number of members in proportion to the number of voters it contained. Participation amounted to 70.76% and a figure of  29.24% was recorded for abstention.

First Government of the Transition.

The distribution of seats and votes was as follows: UCD 20 seats (68,040 votes), PSOE 15 (48,289), UPN 13 (40,764), HB 9 (28,244), Agrupaciones Electorales de Merindad-AEM 7 (17,282), Nacionalistas Vascos (Basque Nationalists) 3 (12,845), Partido Carlista (Carlist Party) 1 (12,165), Unión Navarra de Izquierdas-UNAI 1 (7,419) and Agrupación Electoral Independientes Forales Navarros-IFN 1(3,729).

The Government of Navarre that was constituted following these elections consisted of a cabinet of 7 members drawn from the candidates  belonging to the party that received the most votes in each electoral constituency (from the two parties with the most votes in the case of the Merindad of Tudela).

Government of Navarre

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