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1991-1995: First government of Unión del Pueblo Navarro

Whereas the elections held in 1987 recorded the highest number of votes, the ones held in 1991 were noteworthy for precisely the opposite: only 66.7% of the 414,922 registered voters turned out, which meant that abstention rose to 33.9%. The results were as follows: UPN 20 seats (96,005 votes), PSN-PSOE 19 (91,645), HB 6 (30,762), EA 3 (15,170) and IU 2  (11,167). On this occasion, the government was not in the hands of the PSN-PSOE, as on the two previous occasions, but rather consisted of a regionalist cabinet presided over by UPN’s candidate, Juan Cruz Alli.
Gobierno Alli

Alli’s government.

Government of Navarre

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