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2003-2007: UPN-CDN coalition government

At the elections that were held in May 2003, voter turnout was 70.70% of the total census figure of 464,807 people, with an abstention rate of 29.30%. The results of these elections were as follows: UPN, 23 seats (127,460 votes); PSN/PSOE, 11 seats (65,003); IUN/NEB, 4 seats (26,962 votes); Aralar, 4 seats (24,068 votes); CDN, 4 seats (23,516 votes); EA/EAJ-PNV, 4 seats (22,824 votes).
Gobierno de coalición 2003-2007

2003-2007 coalition government

UPN and CDN joined forces to form a coalition government with a sufficient majority, led by the UPN candidate Miguel Sanz Sesma. The regional cabinet was made up of the following members:

NB: In February 2004, Reyes Berruezo was replaced as Regional Minister for Social Welfare by the then Regional Minister for Public Infrastructure, José Ignacio Palacios, whose portfolio was given to Álvaro Miranda Somavilla. In June 2006, José Ignacio Palacios was replaced as Regional Minister for Social Welfare by María Isabel García Malo.
Government of Navarre

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