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2009-2011: Fourth UPN government

The termination of the coalition agreement signed in August 2007 meant the resignation of the two CDN ministers in the administration –Carlos Pérez-Nievas (Education) and José Carlos Esparza Sáez (Housing and Territorial Planning)– and a reduction in the number of ministries, from twelve to ten.

The Spokesperson and Minister of Institutional Relations and Education, Alberto Catalán Higueras, took over the functions of the Minister of Education, whereas Amelia Salanueva Murguialday, Minister of Local Government, added Housing and Territorial Planning to her departments. Both took office on October 1, 2009.

UPN finished the legislative session as a minority government, with the following composition of the Executive:

• President: Miguel Sanz Sesma (Corella, 09/16/1952), UPN

• First Vice-President and Minister of the Presidency, Justice and Home Affairs: Javier Caballero Martínez (Pamplona, 09/13/1961), UPN

• Vice-President and Minister of Economy: Álvaro Miranda Simavilla (Zaragoza, 02/11/1957),UPN

• Spokesperson and Minister of Institutional Relations and Education: Alberto Catalán Higueras (Corella, 11/07/1962), UPN

• Minister of Local Government, Territorial Planning and Housing: Amelia Salanueva Murguialday (Estella, 03/19/1966), UPN

• Minister of Health: María Kutz Peironcely (Donostia-San Sebastián, 07/13/1954), UPN

• Minister of Rural Development and the Environment: Begoña Sanzberro Iturriria (Almandoz, 09/11/1962), UPN

• Minister of Social, Family, Youth and Sport Affairs: María Isabel García Malo (Castejón, 11/05/1967), UPN

• Minister of Culture and Tourism (Príncipe de Viana Institution): Juan Ramón Corpas Mauleón (Estella, 12/16/1952), UPN

• Minister of Public Works, Transport and Communications: Laura Alba Cuadrado (Madrid, 07/09/1971), UPN

• Minister of Innovation, Business and Employment: José María Roig Aldasoro (Tarragona, 09/15/1952), UPN

Government of Navarre

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