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2011-2012: UPN-PSN coalition government

UPN-PSN coalition government

UPN-PSN coalition government.

The May 2011 elections, with 67.42% participation from a census of 485,386 people, the result was as follows: UPN obtained 19 seats (111,474 votes); PSN/PSOE, 9 (51,238 votes); NaBai, 8 (49,827 votes); Bildu, 7 (42,916 votes); PP, 4 (23,551 votes) and Izquierda-Ezkerra, 3 (18,457 votes).

With this result, UPN and PSN/PSOE agreed to join forces to form a Government with sufficient majority.  On 21st June 2011, both groups entered into a coalition pact, which was endorsed by the President of UPN, Yolanda Barcina Angulo, and the Secretary General of PSN/PSOE, Roberto Jiménez Alli.

The composition of the coalition Government was as follows:

President: Yolanda Barcina Angulo (UPN).

First Vice-President and Minister for the Presidency, Public Administrations and Internal Affairs: Roberto Jiménez Alli (PSN).

Second Vice-President and Minister for the Economy and Finance: Álvaro Miranda Simavilla (UPN).

Government Spokesperson and Minister for Culture, Tourism and Institutional Relations: Juan Luis Sánchez de Muniáin Lacasia (UPN).

Minister for Education: José Iribas Sánchez de Boada (UPN).

Minister for Health: Marta Vera Janín (UPN).

Minister for Social Policy, Equality, Sport and Youth: Elena Torres Miranda (PSN).

Minister for Rural Development, Industry, Employment and the Environment: Goicoechea Zubelzu (UPN).

Minister for Development and Housing: Anai Astiz Medrano (PSN).

In June 2012, President Barcina divested Vice-President Jiménez from office and the two other Ministers appointed by PSN/PSOE presented their resignation. In the same month, Vice-President Miranda resigned from his post and there was a Government reshuffle. The new Executive was made up of eight Ministers, following the incorporation of four new members.

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