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2012-2015: New government formed by UPN

The breakup of the coalition agreement signed by UPN and PSN/PSOE in June 2011 saw the departure of the first vice president and regional minister for the President’s Office, Public Administrations and the Interior, Roberto Jiménez, as well as the regional ministers Elena Torres (Social Policy, Equality, Sport, and Youth) and Anai Astiz (Development and Housing).

On 23 June 2012, the regional president Yolanda Barcina appointed four new regional ministers, three to replace the departing PSN politicians and a fourth to take over from the previous second vice-president and regional minister of Economics and Finance, Álvaro Miranda (UPN), who left this position around that time.

El Gobierno de Yolanda Barcina.

As part of the Regional Government reshuffle, the powers defined for the Regional Administration were also reorganised. The new executive body then stood as follows:

President: Yolanda Barcina

First vice president and regional minister for Economics, Finance, Industry, and Employment: Lourdes Goicoechea

Second vice president, government spokesperson and regional minister for Culture, Tourism, and Institutional Relations: Juan Luis Sánchez de Muniáin

Regional minister for the President’s Office, Justice and the Interior: Javier Morrás (newly appointed)

Regional minister for Rural Development, the Environment, and Local Administration: José Javier Esparza (newly appointed)

Regional minister for Education: José Iribas

Regional minister for Health: Marta Vera

Regional minister for Social Policy: Jesús Pejenaute (newly appointed, replaced in October of 2012 by Íñigo Alli)

Regional minister for Development: Luis Zarraluqui (newly appointed)

Government of Navarre

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