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The Treaty Law

From kingdom to province

Soldados carlistas

Scenes from the Carlist War.

The First Carlist War (1833 – 1840) led to Navarre losing its status as a Kingdom. In the Treaty of Vergara (1839), General Espartero declared his commitment to recommending that the Government should submit to parliament a draft law for the ratification or amendment of the Fueros of Navarre. Accordingly, the Government passed a law that ratified the Fueros whilst upholding constitutional unity.

The result of all this was the Ley Paccionada de 1841 (Treaty Law) of 1841, which instituted what has come to be known as the “regimen foral”. Navarre renounced its condition as Kingdom in exchange for far-reaching autonomy.

In its 26 articles, the Ley Paccionada addresses political and military government, the administration of justice, local councils, the countryside and Treasury matters.

As of the enactment of the Ley Paccionada, the Diputación de Navarra performs the duties of a Government, It approves its own budgets, levies taxes, takes charge of highways and byways, of the organisation and care of the countryside and, gradually, provides the services of a modern Administration.

Government of Navarre

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