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The Fueros


Estatua de los Fueros

Detail of the “Matrona” on the Statue to the Fueros in Pamplona.

The term fueros is used in Navarre to refer to civil, political, administrative and economic customs and laws; in other words, to its own legal system and to the exercise of self-government upheld over the course of the centuries.

The motto of the Infanzones de Obanos “Pro libertate patria gens libera state” (Arise free men, for the freedom of the nation!), which may be read on the façade of the Palacio de Navarra, connects individual and public freedom.

This is the basic precept of the Fuero of Navarre.

The Fuero grants the people of Navarre the right to decide upon all those matters that affect then directly, with the ceiling being the respect for the Spanish Constitution. This is the way in which Navarre goes about its self-government on the basis of the principle of solidarity with the rest of the peoples that make up Spain. The Fuero means loyalty and, therefore, it always has to prevail as an essential means of coexistence.

The Fueros are the result of an agreement upheld with fortitude and dignity between Navarre and the authority that, any given time, holds sovereign power in the nation as a whole. The charter of principles of the monarchy of Navarre was originally passed down by word of mouth, and as of the 13th century it was set down in writing in “Fueros y Compilaciones”. For over a thousand years, Navarre has upheld its system of Fueros, the regimen foral, and has adapted it to the circumstances prevailing at each moment by means of successive treaties or agreements. The Fueros of Navarre, which have always been better loved than known by the local people, are fully valid today as a key element on the road to a future of progress, wellbeing and freedom.

Accordingly, the Fueros of Navarre continue to be applicable in the 21st century as a democratic assurance of a common future and for the people of Navarre they will continue to be a guarantee of their collective freedom and new heights of development.

Government of Navarre

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