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The Ribera

The influence of the Ebro

El Ebro

One of the typical wetlands in the Ribera of Navarre.

Although a distinction is made between the Ribera Estellesa and Ribera Tudelana, due to the influence of their two main urban centres – Estella and Tudela, both Riberas have so much in common that they can be described jointly. If indeed there is something that differentiates them, it is that the former – the area of Estella – has a gentle terrain of crests, rolling hills, anticlinal valleys of a diapiric nature and hanging synclines, and the other, around Tudela, is defined by plains or structural platforms, isolated hills and terraced alluvial plains.

The climate in the Ribera is of a Mediterranean continental nature, typical of the Ebro depression, with dry summers, temperatures with large annual variations, little and irregular rainfall – less than 500 mm per year – and the frequent presence of the cierzo (North wind).

Due to human activity, its original vegetation has been reduced to no more than the scattered remnants of its original holm oak and pine forests, as well as Mediterranean scrubland with rosemary, thyme, scorpion’s thorn and esparto grass. Were it not for the Ebro, its tributaries and the irrigation system, the Ribera would be an arid and inhospitable land, instead of being Navarre’s agricultural heartland par excellence.

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