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Nature areas

Given their size and importance, it is worth describing the three Nature Parks that have been declared in Navarre: the Señorío de Bértiz, Urbasa-Andía and Las Bardenas Reales.

Parque Natural de Bardenas

Bardenas Reales Nature Park

The Señorío de Bertiz

The Señorío de Bertiz Nature Park covers an area of 2,040 ha. and is situated within the municipal boundaries of Bertizarana, in the north of Navarre, on the banks of the Bidasoa River. The park is of particular interest for its landscape, being one of the few valleys in the area that has a complete and uninterrupted forest covering. It is very steep, as in a distance of only six kilometres it rises 700 metres from the banks of the Bidasoa to the summit of Aizkolegi. Its vegetation and fauna are typical of the pre-Pyrenean valleys under an Atlantic influence, although there are no endemic species.

Urbasa and Andía

The mountain ranges of Urbasa and Andía (21,408 ha. of Nature Park) constitute a nature area featuring a wide range of geological, biological, ecological, aesthetic, scenic, archaeological and socio-cultural attractions. They lie in the west of Navarre, at an interim position between the so-called Humid Navarre (Navarre Húmeda) in the northwest and the Middle Area (Navarre Media Occidental or Tierra Estella). It is a high plateau that is affected by the influences of both the Atlantic, penetrating through the northern reaches, and the Mediterranean, doing so from the south. This intermingling creates an attractive landscape of oak, beech, gall and holm oaks and pasturelands that is home to a fauna of great value given its diversity.

Parque Natural Urbasa-Andía

Urbasa – Andía Nature Park

The park is an example of a karstic terrain and this area holds a large part of Navarre’s water resources, as it constitutes a vast underground reservoir, whose natural drainage flows out through such spectacular springs as the one in Urederra.

The Bardenas Reales

The Bardenas Reales (40,000 ha. of nature park) constitutes a vast territory in the southeast of Navarre, which in terms of climate is defined by occasional and torrential rainfall, hot summers and fairly cold winters, The vegetation is of the steppe and Mediterranean variety. The botanical interest of the flora and fauna here is linked to the specific weather conditions of the Ebro depression and it has merited inclusion in the National Inventory of Habitats, drawn up under the auspices of Directive 92/43 EEC of 21 May on Habitats. In 2000, this park was declared a World Biosphere Reserve.

The fauna consists of numerous species of fish, amphibians and reptiles, with the presence of birds being what defines the character of the area, given their importance not only locally but also in Europe, as is the case of the Egyptian vulture.

Government of Navarre

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