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Navarre has more than 90 public libraries. Consult the catalogues of the Public Libreries ant the Bibliographic Heritage of Navarre.

More than 90 libraries, all over Navarre

Biblioteca Pública de Burlada

Biblioteca Pública de Burlada.

The region has more than 90 libraries, and thanks to an ongoing process of modernisation new libraries and services are added and old ones refurbished and updated.

It is now possible to CONSULT the following catalogues on-Iine:

Biblioteca y Fonoteca de Navarra

Public Library of Burlada (near Pamplona).

Also learn about the Project for a Library and Film Library for Navarre

The public library system of Navarre is coordinated from the Library Service of the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Government of Navarre in collaboration with the region's municipal councils, through cooperation agreements.

Government of Navarre

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